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Plan and related policies

In addition, the university is currently addressing the recently-established Accessibility Standards for Customer Service that are part of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act with a plan to ensure our full compliance by 2010.

UOIT Multi-year Accessibility Plan 2012-2015 / UPDATE 2013

UOIT Multi-year Accessibility Plan 2012-2015

Accessibility Plan 2011-2012 (September 2011)

Accessibility Plan 2010-2011 (September 2010)

Accessibility Plan 2009-2010 (September 2009)

Accessibility Progress Report 2008-2009 (May 2009)

Accessibility Plan 2008-2009 (September 2008)

Accessibility Progress Report 2007-2008 (March 2008)

Accessibility Plan 2007-2008 (September 2007)

Accessibility Plan 2006-2007 Goals (April 2007)

For a detailed view of the accessibility plan goals, please download the Word document 247KB [This link will open in a new window.] or the PDF version215KB [This link will open in a new window.].

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